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It’s surprising how many tea bag brands (unfortunately) use plastic. Before you sit down for a relaxing cuppa, ensure you’re not contributing to plastic pollution.

What you can do

Choose loose leaf tea, or select the brands that produce plastic free tea bags.

How can you do it

Going for loose leaf tea is the obvious winner when it comes to avoiding the plastic that is in many tea bags. You can bring your own container to a local bulk food store, or make sure you buy loose leaf tea without the extra plastic-packaging.

If you want to stick to the old faithful tea bags, though, it’ll just take a bit of research. Doing a search of plastic free tea bags on the Internet is your best bet, as companies are continually changing their policies.

Taking the next steps

Many people use their loose tea or plastic free tea bags as a valuable addition to the compost.

Letting manufacturers know you care about hidden plastics is also an effective strategy, as proven by the fact that many tea bag brands have introduced plastic free options in recent years.

The impact

  • By refusing tea bags containing plastic, you’ll reduce the unnecessary use of precious resources.
  • Plastics also contain chemicals that can leach into fluids at high temperatures, so avoiding them is better for your health.

More ideas

What others do

Glass of lemonade, bunch of straws and a plastic juice bottle

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