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Many people are surprised how easy it can be to avoid cleaning products packaged in single-use plastic.

What you can do

Choose plastic free cleaning products and homemade alternatives.

How you can do it

One of the most popular ways people reduce plastic waste is by using cleaning products without plastic packaging.

Often people avoid buying cleaning products altogether for some cleaning tasks. A cloth and some water will clean many areas of the home quite well.

Bulk food stores often offer refillable cleaning products, including window cleaner, dishwashing liquid, and laundry powder/liquid. Farmers markets, chain supermarkets and even delivery trucks increasingly offer refills.

Buying eco-friendly cleaning products in bulk and sharing them with friends, family members and neighbours can be a great way to reduce plastic waste too.

When it’s time to replace cleaning brushes and cloths, consider switching from synthetic to natural fibres for cleaning dishes. There are plenty of alternatives on the market that can be composted at the end of their lifespan. 

For in and around the home, consider reusing old socks or worn towels? Areas that require a bit of a scrub (such as the grout between tiles) will come up a treat when homemade or bulk-bought cleaning products are scrubbed with an old toothbrush. 

Storage can make a difference too. Cleaning and storing cloths and brushes in a dry place is more hygienic and makes them last longer. 

For an even healthier home environment, vacuuming regularly and dusting with a damp mop will remove dust containing plastic particles and chemicals.

Taking the next steps

Many people make a simple all-purpose cleaner with equal parts of white vinegar and water (vinegar is a recommended product for mould removal), while others make a water and bicarbonate soda paste for scrubbing. Adding a few drops of essential oil or a squeeze of citrus juice will make homemade cleaning options smell great too.

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The impact

  • Avoiding chemicals that can be toxic for yourself, your family and the planet. 
  • Reducing plastic waste and the use of our natural resources in creating it.
  • Saving money by buying in bulk or using homemade cleaning products.

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