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Below you’ll find our inspiring videos from participants and some documentaries we recommend to inspire people to be part of the Plastic Free July movement and reduce their plastic waste. Feel free to share them with friends, family members, and colleagues to help spread the message.

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Plastic Free July - At work and for business (Next Wave Physiotherapy)
man looking at empty plastic water bottle
Plastic Free July - It's as easy as this!
Plastic Free July - At work and for business (Herbert Smith Freehills law firm)
Plastic Free July - Take the Challenge
woman standing in the aisle of a in a bulk food shop
Plastic Free July - Local government / council (Town of Bassendean)
Reducing Plastic in the bathroom
Plastic Free July - Reducing Plastic In The Bathroom (Kate Nelson, Plastic Free Mermaid)

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Movie recommendations


Explores the tragedy that is occuring on Midway Island in the Pacific where birds’ bodies are filled with ocean plastic and how this reflects our damaged relationship with the living world.  |  97 minutes

Find out more about Albatross

movie poster featuring an underwater photo of a plastic bag

A Plastic Ocean

A depiction of journalist Craig Leeson’s journey exploring the alarming impact of plastic on our oceans, whilst also searching for effective solutions to this global issue.  |  102 minutes

Find out more about A Plastic Ocean

Bag It Movie

An exploration of plastic and plastic waste told from the perspective of a single person as they delve into how our lives being ‘too plastic’ is impacting on society.  |  78 minutes

Find out more about Bag It Movie

movie poster of blue the movie featuring underwater photos of a woman and a turtle in the ocean

Blue The Film

A provocative journey into the ocean realm, looking at how industrial scale fishing, habitat destruction, species loss and pollution have placed the ocean in peril.  |  76 minutes

Find out more about Blue The Film

poster for the movie plastic alarm showing a boy and his father

Plastic Alarm

An exploration of the impact of plastics on our oceans from the perspective of a young boy, who is working to empower school kids around the world to create a more sustainable future.  |  22 minutes

Find out more about Plastic Alarm

poster for the movie rubber jellyfish with an underwater photograph of a turtle and a jellyfish-like looking item in the background

Rubber Jellyfish

A feature-length documentary exploring the effects of balloons on the environment, wildlife and human beings, why this problem is being ignored and if something can be done.  |  79 minutes

Find out more about Rubber Jellyfish


A short film that inspires action by showing how individuals, groups and businesses worldwide are reducing plastic straw use through awareness, policy and non-plastic alternatives.  |  33 minutes 

Find out more about Straws


A story of hope that looks at the very real possibility that humanity could reverse global warming and other environmental issues including plastic waste, and improve the lives of every living thing in the process.  |  92 minutes

Find out more about 2040

Oceans Without Limits

Embark on a voyage of discovery into the Western Indian Ocean and find out how plastic pollution is impacting this tropical paradise. The discoveries are both unexpected and shocking!  |  55 minutes

Find out more about Oceans Without Limits

Pulau Plastik

Follow the journey of 3 environmentalists: Gede Robi, Tiza Mafira, and Prigi Arisandi who trace the trail of plastic waste and voice solutions that we can do to preserve the environment. |  97 minutes

Find out more about Pulau Plastik (English subtitles)

Making a difference is as simple as swapping out your usual disposable coffee cup with an eco-friendly version, bringing your own reuseable bags to get groceries, or even switching to soap instead of using bottled wash products.

Rebecca Prince-Ruiz

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