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We have a range of posters that you can use to promote Plastic Free July at school, work, in shops, or at cafes in your community. There’s our general poster, as well as ones that encourage people to bring their own reusable bags, coffee cups and containers. We also have one designed for food service businesses wanting to go plastic straw free. If you’d prefer to create a special poster for your organisation’s event or initiative, use our customisable poster to add your details.

poster with the plastic free july turtle logo
Will you join the challenge
Choose to refuse plastic bags
Choose to refuse single-use cups
Choose to refuse plastic straws
Choose to refuse plastic packaging
Avoid plastic wrap
Editable Poster (Word)
English Poster (PDF)
Arabic, Bahasa, Bisaya, Chinese, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Tagalog & Vietnamese Posters (PDF)

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If you try and do everything in a week and go the hardline 'zero waste' angle, you might find yourself stressed and feeling like a failure before you've even had a good crack at this. STOP. Regroup. Think about what you're most excited about switching out and ditching and start there.

Alexx Stuart

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