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What others do

Curious to know what people have done for Plastic Free July? Read inspirational stories from our participants reducing single-use plastic waste at home, work, or in their community. Learn about the steps they took, the challenges they overcome and lessons learnt. Do you have a story to share that will inspire and empower others? Submit your story here.

young woman working at coffee van holding two reusable mugs with coffee

How WMRC initiated Plastic Free July in the community

Shirley with her two children

How having children inspired Shirley to become zero-waste

Three staff members in a lab

Robert kick-started conversations across a university campus

Parents and staff with students in the school canteen holding reusable items like paper straws and bamboo spoons

Liz takes the Plastic Free July challenge ‘school-wide’

Joanna in front of her veggie garden at home

How Joanna began her plastic free journey

hospital staff holidng up single use items with a big red cross and reusable items with a tick

Every year, Rachel’s workplace saves 70,000 plastic cups from landfill

Sharon and her daughter in their kitchen with a plunger coffee

Sharon’s family avoid pesky plastic with some DIY creativity

Lucie and her husband with reusable cup and plate at local farmers market

How Lucie said ‘goodbye’ to the top four single-use plastics

Thank you Plastic Free July for giving our lives more meaning, for a month we belonged to a community, bound by purpose to reduce plastic, focused on change and telling powerful stories. We can do better every month.

Dr Jenny Gray, CEO Zoos Victoria

What did you do for Plastic Free July?

Do you have a story, idea or solution to share about what you’ve done for Plastic Free July? Your story will help to inspire others to take action at home, work, or in their community. Together, we can make a difference to reduce plastic waste.

To find plastic free ideas, take the Plastic Free July challenge

To support our efforts, donate to Plastic Free July

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