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Choose to Up Cup launch

The Plastic Free July Team | 23 July 2022

Today we had the pleasure of WA’s Environment Minister the Hon. Reece Whitby MP launch the Choose to Up Cup: Bring, Borrow, Stay campaign in our home city of Walyalup, Fremantle. We were joined by local member the Hon. Simone McGurk, Mayor of Fremantle Hannah Fitzhardinge, Mayor of the Town of East Fremantle Mr Jim O’Neill and Fremantle Ports CEO Michael Parker and the great team supporting the campaign and the local trial enabling coffee lovers to ‘Borrow’ a reusable cup.

“Let’s Choose to Up Cup, as together we can make a big difference. You have the choice to bring, borrow or stay. I Choose to Up Cup” said Minister Whitby.

Minister McGurk added “A keep cup is a great option if you’re on the go, but I would urge those who can, to stay and enjoy their caffeine hit in a café – I know I will.”

The Choose to Up Cup campaign

This campaign aims to help people and businesses make a difference to avoid the billions of single-use cups that end up in landfill and litter each year by three simple choices: Bring, Borrow or Stay. As more people realise single-use cups aren’t readily recycled, this new campaign shares how it’s getting easier to avoid them. Either bring your own reusable cup, borrow or swap a cup from some cafés, or take ten minutes and enjoy your favourite cuppa there. 

Celebrating reusables

The campaign was launched at Parlapa Caffe, one of the 15 local cafes participating in a reusable cup exchange trial by local business Our Kinds. The trial is supported by the City of Fremantle, the Town of East Fremantle, Department of Communities WA and Fremantle Ports. These cafes offer an Our Kinds cup for customers to borrow and simply rinse and return it when they can.

It was wonderful to see so many reusable cups in action and so much support for the switch from single-use to reusables.

“As a cafe owner, I am in a privileged position to share good practices with my customers. I always tried to do the right thing for the environment, as I think we have a huge responsibility to the next generations. I am aware that what I do is a small drop in the ocean, but I hope that every drop counts”  said Parlapa Caffe co-owner Ada Guglielmino. 

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