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How to sign up to the 2020 Plastic Free July challenge

The Plastic Free July Team | 27 June 2020

So you’ve decided you want to help the environment and reduce your plastic footprint but not sure where to start? We are here to help.

No matter who you are or where you live, our mission is to help you to make a difference, share ideas across the globe and inspire a global change.

Signing up to the Plastic Free July challenge is the easiest way to discover the plastic free solutions that suit you. By registering you will be counted alongside the millions of people who, collectively, are avoiding a significant amount of landfill waste and lowering the risk of plastic pollution in the environment.

The good news is that the challenge is not about drastic lifestyle change. It is just about being more conscious of the single-use plastics that you use day-to-day and taking small steps to refuse them.

There is no failing with Plastic Free July! Anything you choose to refuse is a win!


  1. Notice the plastics in your life. Start by looking in your fridge, food cupboard, general waste and recycling bins. You can also take our ‘Pesky Plastic’ quiz to get you thinking about where all the plastic is in your life.
  2. Decide on one or two items to change and start with them.
  3. Sign up to the challenge at
  4. Share your resolve and encourage your family, your school, your community and your friends to sign up and help to grow our impact..
  5. Receive support via our weekly newsletters or on our social channels where will be posting about tips, ideas, online events, and other brilliant resources to help you fulfill your challenge.

We leave you with the mantra of the first year of the Plastic Free July challenge in 2011:

“Do it together, focus on the positives, share the solutions, and do what you can.”

We cannot wait to support you on your journey.

Until next time,

The Plastic Free July team

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