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Event signage

A little communication can go a long way. Using appropriate signage at your next event can help people to do the right thing.

What you can do

Create signage and effective communication so participants know how to reduce single-use plastics at your event.

How you can do it

Many event organisers use our Reusables card for ideas on what single-use plastics can be avoided and how to provide or encourage the alternatives. This is a great starting point. From there, you can more easily create an inventory of single-use plastics likely to arrive at your event, and think through the messages and prompts that will help your participants to adopt the alternatives.

For example, your aim may be for participants to bring their own alternatives, such as a reusable water bottle, bags and coffee cups. This will require messages in the days prior to your event to prompt people to remember their reusable items.

If you want to provide alternatives on the day, you’ll need to put signage around that directs people to where they can find them (and, if necessary, how to use them).

To be most effective, create a plan for the signage and communications well in advance. It might include creating signage and displaying it in prominent places, adding instructions on items to help people to reuse items, and creating appropriate social media content in the lead up to the event.

Keep your communication positive and action-orientated. Let attendees know what they can do to help reduce single-use plastics. By registering your event on our event map you’ll also help people be aware of the plastic free message.

Taking the next steps:

When considering the signage you need for your event, these common messages can serve as inspiration:

    • Signs for the location of bins.
    • Messages on each bin to say what goes in them (eg food waste in compost bin) and what does not (eg recyclables in the general waste bin).
    • Prominent signage directing people to stations for refillable water and washing up so people can find them easily
    • Prompts on plates and mugs such as ‘take me to the wash station for reuse’.
    • Signage at vendor stalls explaining why the event is reducing plastic and where to find reusables.

You don’t need to just rely on physical signs though. Train event staff to communicate the move away from single-use plastics, including:

    • Why the event is plastic waste-free.
    • Where washing up stations and refill stations can be found.
    • What goes in which bin (and why).

Finally, encourage attendees to tag @plasticfreejuly in any social media posts they make. This can help remind people of the bigger community and impact that they are a part of.

The Impact

  • Showing people how to reduce single-use plastic is a great way to get everyone on board the issue. The easier it is, the more impact you will have.
  • Including messages on why you’ve chosen to reduce single-use plastics (e.g. to reduce marine pollution, avoid litter and cut down on waste) will encourage people to adopt plastic free alternatives as their own contribution to making a difference.
  • With the right signage and communications, events can significantly reduce their single-use plastic and inspire participants to adopt new sustainable practices.

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