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Engaging the community

You can spread the impact of Plastic Free July by getting your community involved. Inspiring your community is easier than you think!

What you can do

Share Plastic Free July solutions with your community of householders, shoppers, retailers, schools and community groups.

How you can do it

Before engaging with the community, it’s important to make sure you’re walking the talk, too. Check out our local government uptake card to find ideas and solutions for how you can avoid single-use plastics as a local government.

Many local governments kick-start conversations by hosting plastic free morning tea with volunteers and local community groups. Local community groups are often a great place to start because they are interested in sharing ideas to make the community a better place. Read our case studies for inspiration on how others have done this.

Some local governments engage their community in Plastic Free July because of concerns about plastic waste and litter. Joining the challenge is a way to be part of the solution. To spread the word even further, think about normal avenues in which you’d reach out to households, schools, and businesses. Can you include Plastic Free July events, ideas and stories through a local newspaper advertisement, a newsletter, or event? You can purchase a local government package to help out with these endeavours.

For a more hands on approach, some local governments host a series of workshops sharing ideas on how to go plastic free. This can empower community members, households, businesses, and schools to be part of the solution.

Taking the next steps

One local government created a working group with the local business association to introduce the plastic free message to their business community. Through this forum they were able to propose a plastic straw free initiative that the whole business community endorsed. This has stopped hundreds of thousands of plastic straws from being used each year, and less litter too!

Many schools are keen to engage in Plastic Free July, especially when they feel part of a local movement. Reach out to schools in the local area and share our schools card to help inspire change amongst local students, teachers, and parents.

The impact

  • Local governments have the ability to engage people from all walks of life. Getting them on board with Plastic Free July can inspire a community to go plastic free.

More ideas

What others do

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To find plastic free ideas, take the Plastic Free July challenge

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