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Global support for plastics treaty has been heard

On 2 March 2022, the United Nations Environment Assembly agreed to create a historic global treaty to end plastic pollution in a landmark agreement.

Our report Rising Tides: Global Opinions on Actions to Stop Plastic Pollution in 28 Countries shares results from a global survey that saw nearly nine in 10 people supporting a UN plastic pollution treaty. Continuing to share the general public’s expectations for action to end plastic pollution will be important moving forwards.


Why is a global plastics treaty important?

In the first late 2021, Ipsos polled over 20,000 adults for the Plastic Free Foundation and found an average of almost nine in 10 people surveyed across 28 countries think it is important to have a global treaty to combat plastic pollution.

Public concern about the increasing plastic waste and pollution crisis has grown over the last decade. In 2021 an estimated 140 million people from 190 countries took part in Plastic Free July, choosing to refuse single-use plastic. Globally, participants reduced 300 million kgs of plastic consumption.

So why a plastics treaty? Plastic pollution doesn’t care about borders. So individual citizens, companies, and countries can’t solve it on their own. Whilst many companies have taken important voluntary steps, and laid the foundations for wide-reaching cooperation, global rules and obligations are needed.

For the first time, governments from UN member states have committed to address the whole life cycle of plastic – from plastic production and transport, to manufacture, consumption and disposal – with the goal of ending plastic pollution. 

This survey demonstrated overwhelming public support for a treaty to turn the tap off on plastic waste. Importantly, through changing our own behaviour and the culture around plastic we have turned millions of local actions into a global call for action.  For every single person who has taken personal action to reduce their plastic waste and demanded change from business and government, this treaty is a victory for you.

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What you can do

  • Be part of the solution and join millions of people worldwide taking the Plastic Free July challenge
  • Follow us on social media where we share plastic free solutions and stories that help people reduce plastic waste everyday at home, work, school, and out in the community
  • Continue to voice your support of business and government plans to #EndPlasticPollution
WWF rising tides report supporting UN plastic treaty

Think about it. Why would you make something that you’re going to use for a few minutes out of a material that’s basically going to last forever, and you’re just going to throw it away. What’s up with that?

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