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Why 2022 is critical to ‘Turn the Tide’ on plastic pollution

The Plastic Free July Team | 27 June 2022

We know plastic pollution remains a truly global problem, affecting communities around the world. 

Despite our careful sorting, collection and recycling efforts, plastic is everywhere – from the deepest oceans to the summit of Mt Everest. However, 2022 has shown signs of progress! 

On 2 March 2022, the United Nations Environment Assembly agreed to create a historic global treaty to end plastic pollution in a landmark agreement. 

A shift that the UN says could reduce the volume of plastics entering oceans by over 80 per cent by 2040; reduce virgin plastic production by 55 per cent; save governments US$70 billion by 2040; reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25 per cent; and create 700,000 additional jobs – mainly in the global south.

The theme of this year’s Plastic Free July challenge is ‘Turn the Tide, one choice at a time’ and celebrates the collective impact of millions across the world choosing to refuse plastics. 

From governments and brands committing to design for a circular economy to individuals making choices in their daily lives, we know this groundswell of action is driving regulation and legislation at a global level. 

Therefore every choice we make in our own lives to reduce our plastic waste sends a message and helps builds momentum – turning the tide on plastic pollution.

By focusing on avoidance, Plastic Free July offers everyone, wherever they live, a way to make a difference and stop plastic pollution from leaking into the environment and impacting communities.

Together, we have already avoided 2.1 million tonnes of waste, including millions of single-use drink bottles, coffee cups, packaging, straws and plastic bags.

Which choices are you planning to take to turn the tide on plastic pollution this year? Sign up to the challenge today. 

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