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Taking your employees with you on your sustainability journey

The Plastic Free July Team | 3 May 2021

Forget the gym membership: Nine out of 10 employees in big companies say they feel more motivated and more loyal because of their employers’ efforts to be socially and environmentally responsible. 

Concern about plastic is at an all-time high with 92% of the population supporting policies and action to reduce plastic waste. Many companies are responding by investing in more sustainable supply chains, reducing plastic waste in the office or product packaging.  However, it is not just the customers that care about a company’s plastic footprint, it is also the employees. 

Plastic Free July has launched a new employee engagement toolkit as part of its business membership to support companies to make their plastic action count for employees, not just customers.

“By activating Plastic Free July in the workplace, companies empower everyone within their team to feel part of the solution” Rebecca Prince-Ruiz, founder, Plastic Free July.

We know plastic action does more than reduce tons of waste, it helps create a healthier planet and healthier people.

After 12 months of the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting the traditional workplace, company’s face an ongoing challenge to cultivate a sense of belonging and wellbeing amongst employees.

“Our research shows participants have a positive sense of wellbeing, which increases throughout their participation and they were more resilient during the COVID-19 pandemic” Colin Ashton-Graham, behavioural economist.

To find out more about joining the business membership and how Plastic Free July helps employee engagement see our Information Kit.

What does the Business Membership include?

The membership provides a comprehensive toolkit to initiate a Plastic Free July campaign internally. This includes a guide on how to ‘make a pledge’, ready-to-use posters and social posts and ideas for virtual or face to face activities.

The membership utilises Plastic Free July’s established and effective behaviour change principles and was developed in collaboration with global communications agency WE Communications and HR and culture specialists Mwah.

Companies as diverse as global business advisors KPMG, lawyers Herbert Smith Freehills, leading social researchers IPSOS and global software corporation SAP have become Plastic Free July Business Members. 

Pricing is based on a tiered structure.

“We did Plastic Free July with our staff. It took our single-use plastic journey deeper and really brought to life our mission around the office. Best of all, it’s fun, easy to implement and will have a net positive on your employee experience.” Abigail Forsyth, co-founder of KeepCup.

We invite you to inspire your staff and engage stakeholders by joining our Plastic Free July membership today.

Plastic Free July is a registered charity. All proceeds go to helping people find plastic free solutions to create a world without plastic waste.

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