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How Lucie said ‘goodbye’ to the top four single-use plastics

Getting started: How Plastic Free July inspired Lucie and her family

Lucie could always tell it was recycling collection day as her bin was full to the brim! That was until she heard about Plastic Free July, she took the challenge and with the tips she learnt was able to reduce her recycling by half! She started by simply saying no to the top four most prolific single-use plastics:

  • plastic bags;
  • water bottles;
  • takeaway coffee cups;
  • and plastic straws.

The results were immediate, and after achieving noticeable results the word started to spread. Soon her her family and friends were taking part too.

The top four we can’t ignore

They’re those single-use plastics that are everywhere – plastic bags, plastic bottles, takeaway coffee cups and plastic straws. By saying no to the top four single-use plastics, Lucie was able to make a big impact and reduce the amount of recycling she was producing.

“Although we’re not totally plastic free, we have been able to significantly reduce the amount of plastic we have in our lives,” Lucie explained. “I try to focus on the things I know I can succeed in doing and go from there.”

The impact Plastic Free July has had on Lucie’s household (and beyond)

Not only does Lucie and her family save a lot of money by saying no to the top four single-use plastics, they are also doing great things for the environment. They’ve managed to halve their recycling, and putting out the landfill bin each week is a thing of the past. As a family, they’re committed to doing their bit to be plastic free and were surprised how easy it was!

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What did you do for Plastic Free July?

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