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Read the story of Plastic Free July in our new book. If you need reusables or other items to ditch single-use plastic, we encourage participants to use what they have, buy second hand and support local businesses. If you prefer to purchase reusable items online, consider the range of approved retailers that Plastic Free July has officially partnered with. These businesses support the Plastic Free Foundation to deliver the challenge and align with our vision and fit with our values.

reusable bag and cup

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The story of Plastic Free July and participants, the power of individual change and how together we can make a difference.

PFJ reusable produce bags from ONYA

Limited edition Plastic Free July produce bags for fruit, vegetables and dried goods such as nuts, dried fruit and rice.

range of reusable bags - product bag, shopping bag, bulk food bag, bread bag
Onya reusable bags and more

Reusable alternatives to single-use plastic products including bread and bulk food bags, coffee cups, sandwich wraps and drink bottles.

The Plastic Free Foundation receives a small commission on the sale of these carefully selected products through affiliate links. Buying through these links supports our work as a not-for-profit organisation to bring about behaviour change and work towards a world without plastic. This excludes the book ‘Plastic Free’ where royalties are shared between the co-authors.

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Badge graphic reading 'Choose to refuse single use plastic.'


For me, saying goodbye to plastic bags REALLY happened when I stopped saying 'it's okay this one time'. I started doing hilarious things like carrying six avocados in my handbag or wrapping all my shopping up in my gym towel.

Alexx Stuart

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