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Corporate Partnership

Make a positive difference and be part of the solution with a multi-year corporate partnership. Through a bespoke Corporate Partnership, your organisation can be positioned as a leader in driving change for the environment. You can demonstrate how you ‘walk the talk’ with your staff, customers and the global community through your commitment to supporting cleaner oceans, streets, cities and communities.

In 2019, an estimated 250 million people worldwide participated in Plastic Free July.  The impact of this global movement continues to grow significantly as world leaders and members of the community demand change to address the plastic pollution crisis.

Working with you to develop an aligned partnership model that, depending on your business may be seeking to achieve:

  • Greater workforce engagement, health and wellbeing
  • Brand alignment, corporate positioning and competitive advantage
  • The launch or establishment of plastic-free solutions or strategies for your business
  • Assistance for people to be plastic-free through your solutions or products
  • Greater incentives for consumers to switch to your brand
  • Customer and stakeholder engagement
  • Completion of your UN Sustainable Development goals (SDG’s)
  • Positive media coverage

We can assist with areas such as targeted communications, engagement and promotional opportunities. We can also provide tailored resources and other assets, depending on the partnership and what it’s designed to achieve.

Interested in becoming a Corporate Partner?  For confidential enquiries about how your company can partner with Plastic Free Foundation, please complete the short enquiry form below. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Enquire about Corporate Partnerships

Has your company participated in Plastic Free July previously?

If so, for how many years?

What activities or steps have you done previously as part of the campaign?

Why is a partnership with Plastic Free Foundation of interest to your company?

Through a corporate partnership with Plastic Free Foundation, what key elements would you be seeking for your business activities and goals? Please describe (eg, staff engagement, brand alignment etc)

Does your company currently have a sustainability strategy, report or similar you can share?

Please provide a link to the relevant information

Are you currently in partnership with any other organisations? (please detail)

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