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Challenge Sponsor

A Plastic Free July Challenge Sponsorship often happens during the busy months of the challenge period, but can also be undertaken at another time during the year where your business has an activation, campaign or promotional period relevant to you. A Challenge Sponsor may include businesses offering plastic free solutions, leveraging an engagement campaign or commencing a CSR initiative with customers or staff. A highly successful campaign with mass engagement and participation, Plastic Free July is the vehicle that helps unite your community with something tangible happening around the globe and having measurable impact.

 Challenge Sponsor is recognised with a unique Challenge Sponsor logo for your campaign and activations which elevates your brand as one that is giving back to our environment and walking the talk through official support of the global movement.

Sponsorship alignment puts depth and meaning to your campaign, tying it back to the effectiveness and positive solutions that Plastic Free July offers.

Benefits from a Challenge sponsorship can include:

  • Enhanced perception of your brand as an environmentally conscious ambassador
  • Positive media coverage
  • Incentive for consumers to switch to your brand
  • Purposeful activations and communications for your audience
  • Support with content development
  • Internal engagement or event opportunities

For confidential enquiries about how you can join as a Challenge Sponsor for Plastic Free July 2021, please complete the short enquiry form below.

Enquire about Challenge Sponsorships

Has your company participated in Plastic Free July previously?

If so, for how many years?

What activities or steps have you done previously as part of the campaign?

Why is a sponsorship with Plastic Free Foundation of interest to your company?

Through a campaign sponsorship with Plastic Free July what are you key areas of interest (select one or more)

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