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Collaborations and Community Partnerships

At the Plastic Free Foundation, we know that collaboration across all sectors will achieve greater reach, impact and outcomes faster. We also love to support the incredible organisations around the world who are helping to create a plastic free world every day. If you are a community or non-government organisation looking to work together to increase the potential impact we can achieve together in helping people to make positive choices for a plastic free world, then we’d love to hear from you.

Campaign Allies and Community Collaborations

Whether it be co-branded campaigns to generate awareness and reach, or collaboration to facilitate growth of this critical social and environmental global movement, we can achieve more by working together.

Join forces to raise awareness and respond to arising needs.  We provide you with extended reach and a captive audience, like-minded resources and increased impact.

Globally, 29% of consumers surveyed (at least 313 million people), were aware of Plastic Free July® and 13% (140 million) had participated.

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