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Ideas and solutions

Want some tips to find out how you can reduce plastic waste? The good news is, anyone can get involved. You can start out small, or really challenge yourself! Get inspired using the menu options below.

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Engaging the community

How to get your community involved with Plastic Free July.

Plastic Free July workshop sign

Workshops & talks

Engage your community with solutions for a world without plastic waste.

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Local government uptake

Show the values of your local government by striving to reduce plastic waste.

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Local policies

Make widespread impact by changing local government policies.

Since participating in Plastic Free July I am constantly thinking of ways to reduce my plastic packaging. I have used my own reusable shopping bags for years, but now I take my own containers to buy meat and cheese and I try to purchase in bulk.

Wilma, Australia

What others do

Kikuchi City Library, Japan: Creating Sustainable Stories

The Town of East Fremantle: taking the weight off waste

How Cumberland City Council gave a second life to landfill waste

Glass of lemonade, bunch of straws and a plastic juice bottle

To find plastic free ideas, take the Plastic Free July challenge

Reusable carry bag, keep cups and bamboo cutlery
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