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Changemaker toolkit

Plastic Free July is a global movement that helps millions of people around the world end plastic waste. We invite you to use our toolkit of resources, curated to help people share the challenge in their communities and networks to amplify impact together. Get the toolkit of resources >

Help end plastic waste

Turn the tide, one choice at a time. Every bit helps. Together, hundreds of millions of people are choosing to refuse single-use plastics by switching to durable reusable items, avoiding packaging and reducing waste, stopping around 300 million kg of plastic polluting the world each year.

We know this groundswell of action is influencing corporate behaviour, regulation and government legislation at a global level. Together, we are a stronger force to turn the tide on plastic pollution.

Be part of Plastic Free July and share with your network to help grow the movement and end plastic waste, one choice at a time.

How we make change

We share plastic free solutions with people and organisations, so we can all take action to end plastic waste. By utilising behaviour change best practices we then apply these principles to our campaign and resources to help people and organisations maximise their impact.

Every person who signs up to the Plastic Free July challenge and takes the Pesky Plastics Quiz survey is contributing to the global movement to make a difference and help end plastic waste.

Signing up to the Plastic Free July challenge is the easiest way to help people:

  • discover the plastic free solutions that suit them
  • be counted alongside the millions of people who are making a difference
  • contribute to the global success of Plastic Free July

Our resources and Brand Guidelines are here to assist with a strong, consistent message that will maximise all our efforts to end plastic waste.

Bakery owner standing in his shop in front of shelves with bread holding up a poster for Plastic Free July reading 'Choose to refuse single use plastics – will you join the challenge?'

Sharing ideas and solutions

Social surveys show us that people want to do “what others do”. According to Behavioural Economist Colin Ashton-Graham “Making change as a community can create new social norms and start to disrupt our culture of convenience”. That’s why we share images, stories and solutions from around the world of people and organisations choosing to refuse single-use plastic.

We invite you to tag @PlasticFreeJuly on social media and use the hashtag #PlasticFreeJuly so we can re-share stories of change from your community. Alternatively please share your plastic free success stories directly which can inspire and empower others.

Content that works the best:

  • People, happy, candid and natural.
  • Activity, showing solutions.
  • Straightforward, no confusion about what is happening. 
  • Clear message. E.g. someone holding a sign with writing.
  • Diversity, people and places from all over the world.
  • Awesome ideas. E.g. photo/video of mug library

Content that doesn’t work well:

  • Overly staged, unnatural looking.
  • Product promotion, advertisement.
  • Framed or rounded images, collages, watermarks.
  • Scenes with no people or activity. E.g. photo/video of landscape
  • Too much of the problem without solutions. 

Toolkit resources for changemakers

illustration of a logo with the plastic free july turtle

Use our logo (for non-commercial use)
Access logo files >

illustration of a video screening

Share the Plastic Free July story
Go to video >

Post on social media
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31 days avoiding single-use plastic 
Content to share >

Share posters
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Invite people to take the Pesky Plastics Quiz
Go to quiz >

Plastic Free July inspires me to step up my commitment to reducing single-use plastic in my daily life and on tour.

Jack Johnson, Musician
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