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Team BRITA starting plastic free conversations in the workplace

The Plastic Free July Team | 26 September 2023

The team at BRITA once again came together ahead of Plastic Free July, this year for a staff engagement activity to encourage conversations about reducing plastic pollution in a fun and creative way. Staff were asked to design and produce new creations in a one-hour challenge using plastic waste from around the home, while discussing alternatives for the specific single-use plastic items they were working with.

They did not disappoint! Each team created conversation-starters using common disposable plastic items, unleashing their creativity to design items such as filtered watering cans, planters and a sweet stash holder, to decorations, fashionable wears and a desk organiser.

While working on their upcycled creations, they shared their thoughts on reducing plastic waste and building sustainable habits.

Creative solutions and sustainable suggestions:

  • Team 1: Reduce or reuse is the key. Many detergent bottles now have a refill (concentrate option) rather than buying a replacement bottle. The concentrates can offer multiple fills for a lower cost and “depending on the brand” can be environmentally friendly too. One reusable bottle for multiple refills. If the bottle can only be used once for its original purpose, try finding a new use for it like we have in our filtered water solution and plant holder “now with drip irrigation”.
  • Team 2: A lot of plastic is used in kids toys for packaging and one-time use products. With school holidays coming up, it’s an awesome time to use old materials to create something fun and engaging with the kids. We are often throwing away broken plastic toys. This is a reminder to think before we buy and invest in better quality for longevity.
  • Team 3: This creation highlights the impact of plastic waste and fast fashion in landfill and our environment. By reusing and combining unconventional materials with fast fashion items, we can prolong the usage and interest of those materials instead of going to landfill. In July, by going through our wardrobes and finding clothes that are no longer of use either by fit, style or damage, we can repurpose, recreate and mend them to extend their life. Save the turtles!
  • Team 4: A lot of waste can be generated from gift wrapping and crafting, and of course, single-use plastic bottles. This was our visual representation of the impact that single-use plastic bottles and non-sustainable gift wrapping practices can have on landfill and the environment, while also extending creativity and sensory learning with our children.
  • Team 5: We tend to generate and collect heaps of broken products and plastic waste. This was our visual representation of the impact that single-use plastic bottles and many fast homewares can end up in landfill, and that sometimes could be turned into useful things, if we put our minds to it!
  • Team 6: We generate a lot of single-use plastic waste from plastic bottles. While we can reuse, it shows the impact that single-use plastic bottles have on landfill and the environment.

Ideas on reducing dependency on plastic:

  • Educate children about cheap plastic toys. This is a great activity to give a second life to these items but also help to educate the next generation.
  • More mindful recycling and reading of labels. Also, cut out the use of snap-lock bags!
  • I will also consciously buy refills when possible, to avoid or lessen the use of unwanted plastic packaging. Plus, they’re kinder to the back pocket too!

Thanks to the BRITA team for encouraging plastic free conversations and inspiring others to take part in the plastic pollution solution.

BRITA is a family-owned business that offers more sustainable drinking water solutions for everyday people. Their filtered reusable water systems are an easy and healthy option to choose to help reduce the 5.8 million single-use water bottles consumed in Australian homes every day. Since 2021, BRITA Australia has demonstrated their commitment to a healthier, more sustainable world by working with Plastic Free July as a Plastic Free Supporter. Through their support BRITA are part of the solution to plastic pollution through encouraging staff and consumers to reduce single-use plastics.

Are you a business or organisation looking to reduce plastic waste in the workplace? Many people take Plastic Free July into their workplaces to encourage colleagues to reduce plastic waste during July—and beyond. Starting friendly conversations, introducing workshops and activities, hosting a morning tea or encouraging others to take the plastic free pledge, are just a few ways people around the world take part in the plastic pollution solution.

Do you have a plastic free workplace story to share? Submit your story here.

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