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In these articles we take a deeper look at the plastic waste problem, explore current news and interview change-makers and people working on the issue from around the world. We will share insights from our Founder Rebecca Prince-Ruiz as she talks to community leaders, scientists, industry, businesses and governments as well as insights and impacts of the Plastic Free July challenge.

Team BRITA starting plastic free conversations in the workplace

whales swimming in the ocean

Why single-use plastic is an issue and what can we do about it?

Girl holding a reusable water bottle to Flip the Script on Plastics

How Reusables Flip the Script on Plastics

To Turn Off the Plastics Tap, We Must Grow the Grassroots Movement

Baby playing with plastic free wooden blocks

Going plastic free, why small steps matter for your health

Small steps can make a big difference

STOKKETE:SHUTTERSTOCK how plastic pollution affects humans bpa receipt

Plastic is a health hazard – our choices can prevent harm

Dr Marcus Gover plastics and climate change

Single-use plastic is driving the pollution and climate crises

What you can do to avoid plastic

Want some tips to find out how you can reduce plastic waste? The good news is, anyone can get involved. You can start out small, or really challenge yourself. Get inspired!

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